Monday, 12 December 2022


Thank you, my dear and valued participants in the Judy Angelo PURCHASING WITH A PURPOSE Program where 50% of profits is donated from each Bookbub Promotion for which my book is selected.  For my last Bookbub Promotion (Promo - Sept 2022. Payment received - Nov. 2022), the collection, The Billionaire Brothers Kent, was selected. and 50% of the profits was used to finance the following meaningful causes:  1)  Environment Cleanup Project  2)  Electricity for home of well-deserving disabled person  3) Shipment of books to an aspiring entrepreneur to help him start his own mini bookstore business targeting  a ready market - tourists who frequent his rustic community (note: EMPowerful Projects team members are from multiple communities, multiple countries).

As you can see below, the community clean-up program is badly needed, but never fear - with funds from you, my kind and caring readers who keep spreading the word about the power of purchasing these books in the Purchasing with a Purpose Program, EMPowerful Projects is on it.  With EMPowerful Projects working in association with, and under the leadership and guidance of, RACE (Restoring a Clean Environment), clean-up is already underway. 


By taking out your phone or eReader and downloading a Judy Angelo story (select the one on special that month), you're using the power of your purchase to put food on the plates of the poor and physically challenged.  Please spread the word and join in with those who care and are already contributing by collecting their favorite Judy Angelo stories and collections.


As a token of my appreciation for your help, please download the January 2023 Month's Planner down below. Each month, download the Judy Angelo Inspirational Planner for that month.  May each month's message keep you positive, super productive, and firmly focused on your greatest goals in life.  

Plan out your whole month ahead of time and make it productive.

Much success to you!
* And quick announcement:  My next Bookbub Promo - Home for the Holidays by Judy Angelo - the entire collection on special for $0.99!  The special is scheduled for Christmas Day, December 25, 2022 (but I will keep the special price going for a few more days after that, just in case you're too busy to visit the bookstore on Christmas Day.  That would be totally understandable on a day when it should be all about friends and family).  

But the day after, grab your phone or your eReader and go buy the book and be a part of my PURCHASING WITH A PURPOSE Program - let's donate 50% of profits and help put some food on the plates of the poor or less fortunate.  Tell your family and friends to be part of the program by getting their collection of 'feel good' Christmas stories without delay!



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