Thursday, 31 March 2016

'Romancing Malone' now available ***

Romancing Malone
*** Happy spring 2016! ***
Even if it doesn't feel like it yet (smile)

I'm excited to announce the launch of book 3 in my new series, 'Comedy, Conflict & Romance'.

It’s been over for a while, so why would you even think of going back there?
This is the dilemma facing Courtney Fox.  After loving and losing Malone Hunt, the only man she’s ever truly loved, she is drawn into a situation where she is being asked…no, ordered…to win him back by whatever means necessary, seduction and kidnapping included.  At first she balks at the idea, but when it finally sinks in that this may be a second chance with her ideal love, Courtney rises to the challenge.  She knows that when she executes her seduction plan Malone won’t know what hit him.
Malone can’t believe his good fortune when Courtney walks back into his life.  She’s the one woman who makes his heart do backflips but she’s also the woman who walked out on him.  No matter that he still loves her, he can’t forget the hurt and the pain he suffered at her hands.  But even if he forgives her and decides to rekindle the fire between them, there’s just one little… or maybe not so little… problem: what to do with his fiancĂ©e?
It’s a quandary of immense proportions: two is company but three is definitely a crowd.  Something’s got to give.  Will Malone and Courtney ever find love together again?
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Apple: Romancing Malone is still under review and should be available by the weekend.

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