Monday 28 December 2015

Taming the Fury - Now Available!

A romantic comedy adventure... 

Multimillionaire corporate head and heiress to a wine empire, RenĂ©e Cartier is used to being the woman in charge, with everyone jumping at her command. That is, until she has a run-in with the most insufferable man she’s ever met, Logan Dunn, the director of a school that she sponsors. She can’t wait to use her power to make his life miserable until, much to her chagrin, she falls into his trap, accepting his dare, which puts her under his control, answering to him, for a whole week. It ends up that this is the most eventful…and petrifying…week of her life. But it is also during this short week that she falls under Logan’s spell, realizing that he’s the man she’s been searching for, all her life. 

Logan can’t wait to get revenge on the snooty diva who tries to get him fired. He devises a plan to get her under his control, with every intention of making her suffer the whole time she’s forced to work for him. At first he succeeds, but then the wily woman surprises him by surviving his challenge. When she turns the tables on him he soon finds that he’s the one fighting to survive. He’s in danger of losing, not just his dignity, but also his heart. 

Comedy, conflict and romance – a tantalizing triad for those who love an entertaining romantic adventure. 

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