Thursday 13 April 2017

Who is Eden Adams?

She's the adventurous alter ego who celebrates diverse cultures with sensual stories in which East meets West, North meets South.

Try the first in her 'Free Your Fantasy' series, a sophisticated story on the sensual side.  

A is for Arrangement

A racy rendezvous with a bold billionaire

Amber Lee is floored when she finds herself in a situation where she must make a special arrangement for her boss.  She interviews woman after woman, but none is suitable - at least, in her eyes.

Before he heads off to Dubai, Jordan needs a wife.  What better arrangement than to volunteer herself?

Announced first to you, the family, at the special (temporary) price of $0.99.  
Grab your copy now, and celebrate spring with a slice of spice!

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Friday 17 February 2017

BACK from the FUTURE (think movies). BILLIONAIRE BACHELORS on the way...

Who ever thought 
time travel and romance 
couldn't mix?

Happy Valentine's Month!​

Let's celebrate with more romance...

While I work on my next series, 
I'm happy to entertain you with another story from the series, 
MADE FOR THE MOVIES Fantasy Romance.

Meet Megan and Carter as they're whisked from the future (2030) back to the time of the pirates (1667)!  

When the past becomes your future…

Megan Hailey is a physicist assigned to a very unusual project – perfecting the process of traveling through time.  She’s pretty good at what she does, but here’s the problem – her co-scientist, the lead physicist on this project, Carter Kincaid.  How dare he be so disarmingly handsome that he keeps distracting her and making her mess up?  When that distraction makes her throw them back into the time of the pirates, it is then that she realizes that he’s just too much…definitely bad for her business.  She will have to find a way to end this rocky professional relationship, and the sooner the better.

Carter Kincaid has always found working with feisty little Miss Megan Hailey a serious challenge.  It’s bad enough that she’s a cute one, a co-worker he must keep at a distance, especially because of the effect she’s having on him.  On top of that, though, she’s not the easiest person to lead, rebel that she is, always quick to challenge his instructions.  But then she makes a monumental mistake – she throws them five hundred years into the past without the tools to get them back to the present.  

As the pirates of the past put their lives in peril, Carter must decide on the depth of his love.  Would he willingly sacrifice himself to save the life of the woman he secretly loves?  Before he knows it, the question is put to the test. 

Which is more important – your life or your love?  It is now time to find out.

Curious?  Grab a copy from your favorite online retailer:

AMAZON:                     BACK from the FUTURE
APPLE:                         BACK from the FUTURE
KOBO:                          BACK from the FUTURE
SCRIBD:                       BACK from the FUTURE

Coming soon:
* The Billionaire Bachelors of Bel Air
* A is for Arrangement