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Volume 1 - Tamed by the Billionaire

Volume 2 - Maid in the USA

Volume 3 - Billionaire's Island Bride

Volume 4 - Dangerous Deception

Volume 5 - To Tame a Tycoon

Volume 6 - Sweet Seduction

Volume 7 - Daddy by December

Volume 8 - To Catch a Man (in 30 Days or Less)

Volume 9 – Bedding her Billionaire Boss

Volume 10 - Her Indecent Proposal

Volume 11 - So Much Trouble When She Walked In

Volume 12 – Married by Midnight



Book 1 - The Billionaire Next Door

Book 2 - Babies for the Billionaire

Book 3 - Billionaire's Blackmail Bride

Book 4 - Bossing the Billionaire



Book 1 - Beauty and the Beastly Billionaire

Book 2 – Training the Tycoon

Book 3 – The Mogul's Maiden Mistress

Book 4 – Eva and the Extreme Executive



Rome for the Holidays (Novella)

Rome for Always (Novel)



Volume 1 - Naughty by Nature



Book 1 - Taming the Fury

Book 2 - Outwitting the Wolf

Book 3 – Romancing Malone



BAD BOY BILLIONAIRES, Coll. I - Vols. 1 - 4

BAD BOY BILLIONAIRES, Coll. II - Vols. 5 - 8

BAD BOY BILLIONAIRES, Coll. III - Vols. 9 - 12



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Serena Van Buren, the privileged daughter of a wealthy businessman, can't wait to begin her three-month tour of Europe with her college mates. Little does she know that fate has other plans in store!

Instead of dancing with handsome Italians and dining with charming Frenchmen Serena finds herself trapped in a six-month internship with overbearing business tycoon, Roman Steele - an arrangement orchestrated by her own father.

Serena is determined to show Roman that she won't yield to the demands of any man, boss or no boss. She's a Van Buren, after all, known to wither a man with one look. But Roman Steele is like no man she's ever met before. Suave, sexy and stunningly handsome, there's something about him that she can't resist. It looks like Serena Van Buren has finally met her match.

A sweet and saucy romance that will have you smiling...


 Roman Steele stared across the boardroom table at his long-time business associate.  “So basically you’re telling me she’s a spoiled brat.” 

The older man frowned.  “Since you put it so bluntly…yes, I guess that’s what I’m saying.”  Richard Van Buren laced his fingers across his stomach and leaned back in the chair.  “She’s getting me worried, Roman.  She’s all grown up now.  She can’t keep behaving like this.”

“Don’t you think you’re being melodramatic?” Roman asked, slightly amused.  “You said she’s grown now.  I would think the realities of life would calm her.”

“That’s the problem.  I haven’t exposed her to any of those realities.” Richard shook his head then sighed.  “Ever since her mother died when she was six I’ve been spoiling Serena, letting her have her own way.  Trying to make up for the loss of her mother, I guess.”  His eyes took on a distant look and his voice trailed away.

"But you went overboard?” Roman prompted.

Richard grimaced.  “I let her run wild for years. I thought with the supervision of the housekeeper she would be all right.  After all, girls are supposed to be easier to raise than boys, right?  Guess I was wrong.”  Richard smiled ruefully.  He reached into his breast pocket and pulled out a brown leather wallet from which he took a small photograph.  He slid it across the table.  “This is my Serena when she was nineteen.”  He shrugged.  "It's a couple of years old." 

Roman picked it up and found himself staring at the smiling face of a girl sitting on the back of a shiny black stallion.  She was breathtakingly beautiful with long chestnut hair floating around her heart-shaped face and a pretty pout that drew attention to the pink petals of her lips.  Her eyes were the exquisite blue of the Pacific Ocean and in them was a bold defiance that spoke of the girl's confidence and spirit.

Roman raised his eyebrows.  “So this is Serena,” he said, almost to himself.  “She’s a beauty.”

“That’s the problem,” Richard said grimly.  “She’s beautiful and she knows it.  And she's also the daughter of a wealthy man who spoils her."  His face turned sad.  "This is not how I want things to be.  I want my daughter to be prepared for the world.  When I pass on she’s the one who’s going to take charge of the company and right now she’s not prepared for any of that.”

Roman tore his gaze away from the photograph and looked back at Richard.  “You talk as if you plan to leave soon,” he said with a chuckle.  “You’re as healthy as a horse.”

“Yes, but you never know...”  Richard tapped his silver pen on the table, his weathered face thoughtful.  “Serena is finishing up college in a week.  She’ll be twenty-one with a Bachelor's degree in art history.  She didn’t even do her degree in business like I told her.  How prepared can she be to take over the business?"  He shook his head then smiled wryly.  "I can’t even rely on her to find a suitable husband.  She’s shown no interest in the guys who've come knocking.  She'll probably keep rejecting them for years to come.” 

“So what are you going to do about this?”

Richard shrugged.  “Short of forcing her into marriage with a man with some business sense, I have no idea.”  Then he grinned at the preposterous idea.  "If only we were back in the nineteenth century."

Roman sat back and looked keenly at Richard.  He could see that despite his attempt at humor the older man was distressed.  They'd just finished up a business meeting where they'd discussed a possible collaboration between both their companies.  They were considering a partnership in the development of a new line of skin care products.  Out of the blue Richard started talking about his daughter.  The situation was obviously weighing heavily on his mind.

“So let me get this straight," Roman said, folding his arms across his chest.  "You have a daughter who likes to have her own way.  She doesn't listen to you yet you give her whatever she wants.  You’ve been doing this for the past twenty-one years and now you want her to settle down and get involved in the business?”

Richard gave a solemn nod.  "I know I've been a terrible parent.  And I know it’s late.  I should have been firm with her all those years."  He gave a deep sigh.  “She's not prepared, Roman.  My daughter needs a crash course in real life.”

Roman released his folded arms and leaned forward.  “I have an idea that could help.”

“Yes?”  Richard raised his eyebrows, obviously curious.

“What if your daughter worked for me for a while, say for the next six months?”
“You would take her under your wing, be a mentor to her?”

“Right.  I’ll give her responsibilities that will equip her to help you in the management of your company.  There’s just so much you can learn within a six month period but I can structure her role and experiences so that they’ll give her a foundation in business.  You can build on that once her internship is over.”

Richard looked doubtful.  “You know she could easily get that experience at my office.”

“True, but how seriously do you think she'd take her job knowing that she could leave work, go shopping and never get fired?”

Richard's lips tightened.  “I see your point."

“Now I can’t promise you that after six months your daughter will be an angel but what I do promise is that she’ll leave my company with experience in the various aspects of business.”

“Sounds good so far,” Richard said, still with a hint of doubt in his voice.  “I’m going to have to figure out the best way to break this to her.  I know she had her heart set on touring Europe right after graduation but now this?  She’s going to have a fit.”

“And you, dear Dad, are going to sit her down and let her know she starts work at Steele Industries the first week of July.”

“That’s just a week after she gets here.”

“What better time to start?  It will be before she gets used to being at home, all relaxed.  She needs to jump in head first.”

Richard nodded then he expelled his breath and on his face was a look of relief.  He rose and stretched out a hand to his partner in crime.  "Roman, as of the first week of July my daughter is in your hands.  Let's shake on that."  There was a twinkle in his gray eyes as he smiled.  "I just hope you know what you're getting yourself into.” 

Roman grasped Richard's hand.  “Don't you worry about that.  By the time I'm done your Serena will be a new woman."  He smiled, full of confidence, as he released the man's hand.  "You can trust me on that.”

Serena listened distractedly as her friends chattered away.  Her mind was not with Tammy and Jan today.  Graduation was just two days away and she was looking forward to her father flying from Toronto to be with her in New York for the ceremony.  The day after graduation she would go back home with him where she guessed he would throw her a massive 'surprise' party.  She knew what was coming so she'd have to start practicing her 'Oh, my gosh.  I'm so surprised' look.  Serena chuckled to herself.  Her dad was so predictable. 

Her smile widened as she remembered something very important.  She'd had a great four years at the exclusive Alexander University and would be graduating magna cum laude.  Daddy would be sure to give her a wonderful gift for that.  She was dying of curiosity, wondering what it would be.  The sun-yellow Porsche she'd admired on her last trip home?  Diamond earrings?  What if it was that Ferrari she'd pointed out at the auto show?  Serena could hardly contain her excitement but she bit her lip and stayed silent.  No, she wouldn't blurt her ideas out to her friends.  She really didn't know what the gift would be.  The only thing she was sure of was that it was going to be expensive.  It always was.

“Serena,” Tammy said petulantly as she pulled on her friend’s arm, “you haven’t heard a word I said, have you? I was asking if you wanted to go into Saks.”

“That's fine,” Serena said, slightly annoyed at being pulled out of her reverie.

“It’s only two days before graduation,” Jan said, raising her eyebrows at Serena.  "Aren't you the least bit anxious since we haven't even bought our dresses yet?"

“We’ll be wearing graduation robes,” Serena said, rolling her eyes.  "Nobody will see our dresses."  Right then she wasn't interested in anything as mundane as a dress.

“We’re going to take our robes off sometime, aren't we?” Jan pressed.

Serena sighed then turned her attention to her friends.  She'd much rather head for the Gucci store to look at handbags or do her shopping at Prada but she felt a pang of guilt.  She'd been ignoring them all day.  Time to make them happy.  “You’re right,” she conceded.  "We need to get some new clothes.  Let's go."

The shopping trip was pleasant and by the time Serena and her friends were finished she had six new outfits.  She knew she only needed one for the graduation ceremony but the others had looked so beautiful she just couldn’t resist the temptation of taking them too.  And anyway, it was no big deal.  She had a platinum card and her Dad took care of the bills every month.  She didn’t even see the statements.  They were all sent straight to his office for payment.

“I’m tired,” Tammy said, yawning, as they headed towards Serena’s Mercedes Benz SUV.  They were all loaded down with shopping bags.

“And I’m hungry,” Jan piped up.  “We haven’t eaten since eleven o’clock and it’s almost seven now.”
“I heard of a new Chinese restaurant that opened up on 49th Street,” Serena said.  “Let’s have dinner there.  My treat.”

The restaurant and the food were as exquisite as Serena had heard.  The oriental tapestries that covered the walls were of rich black and red embroidered velvet and the wine-colored carpet was plush beneath her sandaled feet.  The food was brought in ornately decorated silver bowls and, placed before each of them, were little plates that were toasty-warm to the touch.  Steam rose from the various bowls, filling the air with a mélange of delectable aromas, tangy, spicy and savory.  Then the server brought a small wicker basket covered with a soft white napkin and the sweet smell of fresh-baked bread wafted towards them. 

 Tammy picked up a tiny egg roll and popped it into her mouth. 
“Delicious,” she said, licking her fingers delicately.  “You couldn’t have picked a better place.”

“I told you it would be great.”  Serena winked at her.  “But just remember that diet you’re supposed to be on.  No appetizers for you.” 

Tammy groaned.  “Please.  Don’t remind me.”  She looked longingly at the basket of bread rolls in the middle of the table then sighed.  “You’re right.  I definitely can’t afford to gain back those twenty pounds I practically killed myself to take off.”

Jan chuckled and leaned over and gave her shoulder a squeeze.  “You’ll be all right, Tammy.  We’ll make sure you stay on track.  That’s what friends are for.”

After their hunger had been assuaged the friends relaxed, sipping green tea and coffee.  They were in no hurry to get back to the university.  After all, tomorrow was Saturday and they would have a chance to sleep in late.  They were deep in conversation when a shadow fell across the table.  They looked up.  

There, standing over them was Chad Thornwell, the university jock, a guy so full of himself it was a wonder he hadn’t fallen in love with…Chad Thornwell.  Then again, maybe he had. 

“Hey, Beautiful,” he said, eyes trained on Serena, “wanna hook up before graduation?”  Then he stood there, muscular arms folded, grinning down at her.  He looked so smug with his spiky blonde hair and bright blue spandex top that showed off every cut of his chest muscles.  The glint in his eyes and the self-satisfied curl of his lips told a girl everything she needed to know.   This guy thought he was God’s special gift to womankind.  Period.

Tammy and Jen, forever in awe of the college stud, looked at Serena and giggled.  Then they started preening for him, Jan straightening her back so her tiny breasts could finally be seen in her loose sweater and Tammy dabbing daintily at her lips with her napkin and peeking up at him with wide, worshipful eyes.

Serena rolled her eyes then looked away.  Chad had been pursuing her all year…ad nauseum…no matter that he’d slept with half the women on campus.  What part of ‘no’ didn’t he understand?  What could she say to get rid of him once and for ever?  Then, like a whisper from an angel on her right shoulder…or more likely a devil on her left…it came to her.  Just crush his inflated male ego, girl, right here right now in front of his adoring fans.  Slam him when there’s an audience and he’ll be gone for good.

And then he did the unthinkable.  In the middle of her ponderings he had the audacity to lean down and try to plant a kiss on her cheek, his face suddenly so close that, with a gasp, she drew back sharply.  The nerve of him to try that.  And in front of an audience.

Eyes wide, she leaned away from him then reached down and grabbed her purse.  “Hold on just a minute,” she gasped, feigning astonished awe.  “I didn’t expect that.”  She gave him a tremulous smile.
Quickly, she fished around in her purse then as her fingers circled the intended object she nodded.  “There.  Found it.”  She pulled out a pack of mint gum and held it up to Chad in full view of her friends and all those who had turned to watch.  “Take the whole pack.  Trust me, you need it.”

Serena never saw a man back off so fast.  He jerked back and when he straightened his face was red as tomato.  His lips worked like he wanted to say something biting and couldn’t find the words but he only flexed his muscled arms and glared down at her.  What was he going to do?  Hit her?  He couldn’t be that stupid.

With a flick of her head, Serena dismissed him.  She turned her attention back to her sheepishly grinning friends, totaling ignoring the man glowering down at her.  Then as if finally getting the message he turned and stormed out of the restaurant, almost bowling over a server carrying a tray of food.

“Ooh,” Jan said, giggling out loud once he was gone.  “You can be such a wicked witch sometimes.”
“Sometimes a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do,” Serena said, unapologetic.  “I don’t have time to waste on flirts.”

“So how do you think you’ll ever find a husband?”  Tammy chimed in.
“Don’t worry about her.” Jan rolled her eyes.  “That’s how she’s always been.  She’s a cold one.  Never has time for guys.”

“I’m not cold.”  Serena glared at her friend. “I’m just picky.”
“You’ll pick yourself right into spinsterhood if you’re not careful.”  Jan grinned at her. 

Serena was unperturbed.  She smiled.  “You never know.  I may find the perfect guy in Paris.”
“It’s going to be great,” Tammy said, her brown eyes sparkling with excitement.  “Just the three of us traveling all over Europe.  We’re bound to run into some hotties.”

“Yes, well,” Serena said in her most snooty voice, looking down her nose, “I’ll be going to Europe for the culture not to look for men.”

“Yeah, right.”  Jan grinned at her.

Serena laughed then waved the server over for the bill. “You’re right.  I’m looking forward to this trip for more reasons than one.  I can hardly wait.”


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