Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Audiobooks Are Awesome!!

Would you love to follow those Bad Boy Billionaires but can't find the time to read?  Why not go audio?

Get on board!  Audio books are a great way to enjoy a captivating story  while still getting stuff done.  Get dinner on the table right on time while satisfying your reading fix.

Trapped in traffic?  Long commute?  No worries!   Audio books to the rescue - the best way to take your mind off the congestion, the best way to escape to the romantic worlds of your favorite billionaire bachelors and the feisty females who challenge them.

Now you can get my audio-book combo:

A double dose of dashing dudes and dazzling dames

Available from your favorite audio book retailers - 
Hibooks, Scribd, Playster, Bibliotheca, your local library service.

Let these gorgeous guys give you a great (and totally tantalizing) time!



Monday, 19 March 2018

GIRL POWER. It's our time!


Why should the guys have all the fun?

Check out this FEISTY FEMME in the first in the BACHELORETTE SERIES:

CHRYSTAL stars in -

Chrystal King prides herself on being an assertive woman, one who no man can dare try to dominate.  But when her path crosses…quite violently…with the most insufferable man on earth, she is faced with a challenge she’s never had to tackle before – how do you dominate and neutralize a man who makes your heart pick up pace and your breath catch in your throat?  What do you do when that man is your enemy?  It’s a dilemma this warrior woman is not sure she can handle.