Saturday, 26 April 2014

New Release - Billionaire's Blackmail Bride

Happy weekend! 

Can you believe it's already the last weekend in April?  I can't write as fast as the year is flying but I'm glad I was able to have another billionaire story ready for you within the month:


Billionaire's Blackmail Bride

(Billionaire Brothers Kent, Book 3 of 4 - Ridge's story)


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As a research scientist it is Lani Donatelli's dream to make a difference in the lives  of people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases.  There's only one problem, and it's a huge one - she's lost her funding from the big pharmaceutical companies and her research lab is in danger of closing down.  Without funding her experiments are at a standstill.  On top of that, she has one month to come up with the money to clear months of arrears with the leasing company before she and her team are evicted.  In desperation, she turns to the one man she knows can save her skin.  But is she willing to pay the price he demands?

As co-member of a Houston school board, Ridge Kent has admired Lani Donatelli for months.  She, however, can't stand him.  According to her, he's nothing but a joker and an annoying one at that.  Their disagreements at board meetings don't help since the constant conflict builds a brick wall between them.  He wants to get to know her better but how can he, when all their interactions have been the polar opposite of positive?  And then, like a heaven-sent miracle, lovely little Lani falls right into his hands.  She has nowhere to turn but to him.  He is willing to help, on one condition - Lani Donatelli must become his wife.

Bride by blackmail - a recipe for disaster or an unexpected chance for love?

I hope this story will be a small part of what makes your weekend wonderful!

Friday, 25 April 2014

Bad Boy Billionaires Collection III - ENT Book of the Day

I'm happy to announce that Bad Boy Billionaires Collection III (Volumes 9 - 12) is the ENT (Ereader News Today) Book of the Day. This means the whole collection is available at the special price of only $2.99! (regular price - $9.99) If you haven't grabbed your copy yet, now is a great time to do so.

Have a wonderful BAD BOY BILLIONAIRES weekend!

Click on the link: Bad Boy Billionaires Collection III