Friday, 8 February 2013

Remember your vitamins...

Good morning, everyone!

This has absolutely nothing to do with books but I just thought I'd give my readers (who live in cold climates) a gentle reminder to take your Vitamin D supplements during the winter months.  Low vitamin D levels (due to lack of exposure to the sun) can weaken the immune system and make you prone to a variety of illnesses.

And stock up on your fish oil with Omega 3 (the liquid version is more potent than the capsule version).  Since taking fish oil, in  the past month my energy level has shot up to about 9.75 (even 10 on some days).  Now I can churn out books like crazy  : )

But seriously, guys, let's take care of ourselves, eat right, exercise daily (I need to work on this one), sleep well and avoid stress as we much as we can.  And when the kids seem determined to drive you over the edge with their whining about homework or leaving their toys on the stairs once again or refusing to eat their vegetables, just rest your hand over your heart and take three deep, cleansing breaths.  Your blood pressure level will go right back down and you'll be at peace with the world again (okay, maybe not totally at peace but you'll feel a lot better).

Have a healthy, happy and productive day!  (In fact, I'm wishing this for you all year - now do your part to make my wish come true)

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