Monday, 8 April 2013

So Much Trouble...

Hi All,

You haven't been hearing from me because I'm busy working on the next story that I promised, 'So Much Trouble When She Walked In' (and trust me, she's a lot of trouble).  I've put 'Sweet Charlotte' on hold for the moment as I am finding the feisty heroine more exciting to work with (although she is a bit rebellious and won't do the things that I planned for her in this story).

Anyway, I'm in the middle of it and hope to have this book ready for you by April 15 (crosses fingers and toes) then I'll tackle 'Married by Midnight' and try to have that up by the 30th.  So many stories in me and so little time to write.  Spent yesterday, Sunday, helping my brother with his business and then spent all of today (Monday) helping my dad with his.  But tomorrow I will head for the library and do nothing but write, write, write!  I owe you all that much.

I'll be in touch again soon, guys, hopefully to tell you that 'So Much Trouble' is now available.

Have a great Monday evening!


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